Memorial Day



Memorial Day is approaching quickly. Order your monuments before it’s too late.

Shape Carving

Shape Carve

Owner Jesse is shape carving a monument. This is a specialty that Beesley’s offers. It adds dimension to the design and makes it “pop.” Each shape carving is done by hand and is unique which adds more beauty and individuality your monument.

shape carving

New Cremation Urns

Medium_Gray_Granite_Small Alpine_Onyx_Black_Granite_Large


Black_Orchid_ Black_Orchid_Classic Green_Granite_Small



         These are just a few images of the Cremation Urns we offer. The image directly above shows the different styles we offer as well. Here at Beesley Monument we are able to offer a wide variety of Monuments, Vaults, Urns, and Home/Garden Decor.