We believe there are seven important steps in the process of choosing the perfect monument.

Step One – Single or Companion Marker

First, you must consider whether the monument will be a “single” (for one person) or a “companion” (two people) marker.  We can assist in this process by assessing the need, suggesting possibilities and showing samples of both types.

Step Two – Proper size and location

How much room there will be at the grave site for the monument?  This is controlled by the cemetery and we will offer our assistance as you determine the exact location of the grave and determine the proper size for the corresponding monument.

Step Three – Type of monument

The next step is to choose between a “flat monument” and an “upright monument.”  A flat marker is one that sits flush to the ground and caretakers can mow the grass over the top of the memorials.  Upright monuments are generally two-piece assemblies that rise up from a base to several feet above the ground.

Step Four – Style and shape of the stone

Once the type of monument is chosen, the style or shape of stone must be selected.  There are infinite shapes and sizes for upright monuments and we will show you a wide range from our vast inventory from which to choose.

Step Five – Content to be engraved

Next, you must decide what words or images should be engraved on the monument.  Once again, we offer examples of our work and help craft just the right words to truly honor your loved ones.

Step Six – Select the type of granite

After the words are chosen, it is time to select the color of the granite.  We offer a huge selection of granite in more than a dozen colors, and we urge our customers to browse through our onsite inventory.

Step Seven – Financial considerations, crafting, and placement

Once the color is selected, the final process is to work through the financial aspects of designing, crafting and placing the monument.

We will answer all your questions, discuss your concerns and make certain you are comfortable with the process involved in building the perfect monument for your loved one.